Jeremy Wine Co

Decided to have dinner downtown, but first a little wine tasting at a couple of the downtown tasting rooms. We started with Jeremy Wine Co.

Mandy greeted us with a warm smile, and set us up with a tasting. They have a very cute tasting room, complete with a life-size cut-out of the owner, Jeremy.

The tasting menu offers 1 white and 5 reds for a tasting fee of $10. The fee is waived with the purchase of a bottle or a jug. Mandy described the wines we were drinking and told us about Jeremiah’s Jug. You buy the jug with the wine the first time for $30, and then you can come back and refill it for $20. The wine was a red blend, which is changed out periodically. It is a really pretty jug, too! We bought one.

Mandy told us that recently there have been a lot of visitors who take Amtrak to Lodi to come wine tasting for the day. People come mainly from Modesto and Sacramento. There are more and more tasting rooms in the downtown area, so it is a perfect day trip.

I noticed something very interesting…a lady came in saying that McCay had recommended she come to Jeremy to try out their Albarino because of the wines she had liked at McCay. This is not the first time we have seen this. In fact, Sayde at Stama recommended Harney Lane Winery to us based on wines we liked at Stama. And Wendy from d’Art recommended other tasting rooms that she really liked. I think it is awesome that the local wineries are totally supportive of each other.


Stayed until they closed. Off to find a tasting room we haven’t been to, open on Wednesday, after 5:00 pm.


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