The Truck is Progressing

Kari’s challenge was to taste at all of the Lodi Wine Tasting Rooms in 25 weeks, and mine was to have the truck on the road to drive us to the last tasting. Thanks, Tim! So, I need to step it up and get to work.  

“Disassemble?!  NO DISASSEMBLE NUMBER 5!”–Short Circuit reference😊. Disassemble was complete and reassemble had begun.

At this point, the crossmember is in and tack welded, the top hats are tacked in, spindles are on. The rear axle is in with the four-link tacked in; the air bag supports are also tacked in. The pan hard needs to set after the engine is on and the truck is sitting on its own weight. It is time to set the engine and see if I have the clearances that I need for headers and dual quads to sit under the hood. Keep in mind, I want the exterior to look completely original.

I need to dry fit the cab to find the exact location of the hood opening. It is time for a Reagan Family Dinner–Blue Bloods reference. “Kids, come over for dinner and help me set the cab!”

Oops, this is heavier that I thought…
Hey neighbors, how about a beer and maybe a little help?
That worked–cab is on
Hey, Robert & Chapin (my neighbors and good friends)! Let’s set the truck bed in as well.

Ok, now we have what looks like a truck again. And, guess what!?! Kari just got her parking spot in the garage back.

Hood and radiator support are dry fitted into place. Engine is dry fitted, but needs to be set now. “Regis, I would like to phone a friend.”–Who Wants to be a Millionaire reference. I am going to need some help managing the engine on a cherry picker while we move it around and find the best spot to set the motor mounts.  We plan a BBQ weekend with my buddy Ansel, owner of Monzo Speed.

So, while Ansel and I go for drinks, the kid takes over and gets the truck running 😊. Not really–Enzo was honing his skills at closing existing holes in the frame.

Ok, productive day… Finished up the rear end supports and reset the top hats in the front. I had to partially channel the frame because the upper control arm was rubbing the frame. No worries–got it. Now I need to get the motor mounts set.  Sneak Peak… 383 Stroker with dual Fi-Tech EFI quads. I will need this truck to take Kari downtown and we do not want to take all day to get there, right!

Episode 3 to follow soon (I hope!)…


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