Nostra Vita Family Winery

This past Wednesday, we decided to visit some of the tasting rooms where we are members. First one up was Nostra Vita Family Winery.

Earlier this year, Abundance Winery was purchased by the Indelicato family and re-named Nostra Vita Family Winery. We had a pick-up so it was the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone–pick-up our shipment and do a visit for our blog.

Nicholas, our Cellar Door Specialist, set us up with a couple of tastings. There are two tasting flights–a white one with 10 options and a red one with 9 options. One change under the new owners–you are supposed to select only one flight and not jump back and forth between the flights. Old habits die hard 😉. But I had the white flight and Bobby mostly had the red one. You get 7 tastings for $10 per person. Not sure if they will pour more than 7 if you ask as both of us only like 7 of the available options.

The wines they offer right now are still under Abundance’s label. I believe there is one wine offered under the new Nostra Vita label, but don’t quote me on that.

They have a good size tasting room with a nice long bar. It has a bit of a cave-like feel, with low lighting and textured walls. This is not a negative–it is a neat vibe. It was fairly busy when we went, but Nicholas did a good job of keeping up with everybody’s pours.

One of the main reasons we originally joined Abundance was for the events. Nostra Vida is still offering many of the same events (i.e. Firepit Friday and Summer Music events). We look forward to checking out some of the new events, like Wine & Paint, this coming year.


  • About a mile out of town–west of town
  • 1150 W Turner Road
  • Open 11am – 5pm — Monday and Thursday
  • Open 11am – 6pm — Friday – Sunday

On to the next one…


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