Thomas Allen Vineyards & Winery

We first noticed this winery on our way to the airport to drop off my sister and brother-in-law, right after we had agreed to “The Challenge”. We saw a new sign along I-5 with the name of the winery, a winery we had never heard of. My first thought was “Oh, no! Was this one included in the 80+ tasting rooms Josh had told us about? Are there other ones popping up as we speak?!?”

The Thomas Allen tasting room has only been open for 4 weeks. This is a temporary tasting room, as a new one is being planned for next year. It will be just across the way from the current one, among the vines.

Suzette and Lisa were our Tasting Room Associates. It was Suzette’s first day, but we never would have guessed. She sounded very knowledgeable about the wines. It was a friendly place, with Suzette and Lisa interacting with everybody around the bar.

The tasting fee is $5, which is waived with the purchase of a bottle. The tasting menu included 3 whites, 1 rosè, and 4 reds.


  • West of town, close to I-5
  • 5573 W. Woodbridge Road
  • Open 1 – 5pm on Friday, and 12 – 5pm on Saturday and Sunday

That makes three wineries today. Time to head home…


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