Pondl Winery

Just left Stama Winery and, right on our way home, is Pondl Winery. We drive by this winery almost daily–it was time to check it out.

Pondl is a small winery, founded by Patrick O’Neill and David Lujan. David was behind the bar when we walked in. The name “Pondl” comes from their initials. Sadly, Patrick passed away earlier this year. David shared some wonderful stories about Patrick’s life and their visits to Ireland, Patrick’s home country, as well as some of David’s adventures. By the time we left, we felt like we had met Patrick.

The tasting room is located in a cute purple building–it is very small, but charming. They don’t grow their own grapes, but, instead, purchase the grapes used to make their wines. The tasting room opened in 2012.

The tasting menu included 2 whites and 5 reds. There is an $8 tasting fee, which is waived with the purchase of a bottle. Many of the bottles have labels with photos on them. The photos are of David and Patrick’s relatives. And the names of those wines include “The Playboy”, The Pin-Up”, “The Flirt”, “The Fella” and “The Gent”. Clever!

We brought a bottle of “The Fella”–a 2014 Zinfandel. “The Fella” is David’s grandfather. And the description includes: “This Zinfandel may stand out–with a mild contemptuous swagger of a fella!”


  • Just west of town–about a mile down Turner Road
  • 665 W. Turner Road
  • www.pondlwine.com
  • Open 12 – 5:00 pm – Friday, Saturday and Sunday

If you stop by, ask David about his trip to Austin, TX with some of his friends 😉.

Wishing David all the best as he continues Patrick’s legacy.


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