The Truck

Travel has taken us away from Lodi and all of its amazing wine tasting rooms for the last few weeks.  So, I have asked by husband Bobby to bring everybody up-to-date on his pet project–The Truck…

My wife’s Uncle Glise lived in Green River, Wyoming when I first met him. He was excited to show me this truck that he had, a 1937 International C-1. It was the last year that International made that body style and it wasn’t easy to find parts for it, but he had kept it pretty much stock.

Glise drove me around Green River and pointed out two or three other C-1’s in the small community where they lived–it seemed odd to see as many as we did. But Glise made a point of showing me one that had fruit painted on the door and thought that was his direction.

Glise said he wanted to work on it and see if he could get it running again, to which I quickly responded, “I would love to help”.  I even told Glise that I could get the engine running that weekend, but he really needed to me help him fix a couple ofthings around the house, so we didn’t have a chance to work on the truck.

Glise passed away without getting the truck running, but his excitement about the truck never left me. The truck was passed on to Glise’s son, who sold it to me after I told him I would like to buy it and finish it the way that Glise had envisioned it.

So, the truck gets shipped to California and finds a new home in my garage. The first weekend that I worked on the truck, it fires up and runs pretty well, considering it had been sitting for nearly fifty years. The carburetor was shot, the fuel pump was shot, but the fuel tank still had gasoline in it. I ran the engine using starter fluid.  I know–that is not good, but it was going to be rebuilt anyway, so relax.

Original Engine

My buddy Kevin is a car guy as well–actually, he is way more than just “a car guy”.  Kevin comes over one day and says “Ok, you proved your point and got it running, now let’s put an engine in it”. Well, Kevin said to, so I strip the truck to the frame and begin the process.

Glise had inspired me with his dream for this truck and I want to fulfill that dream, so I want the exterior to be completely stock.  Kevin thought we could still make it very drivable. So, my direction from Kevin was a Mustang II IFAS front suspension, with a Mustang rear axle. Ok, got it.

Rear Axle from a Cobra GT

The frame and body go to the stripper–forgot her name 😊.  Then the body goes to the paint shop to be primed to protect the metal while I work on the body. The frame comes back to my garage and I installed a Mustang 4-11 rear end from a Cobra GT and added the rear disc brakes and air bags. The front end gets stripped off and I install a Mustang II IFAS front suspension with airbags and disc brakes.

I bought an engine that was already built–I just did not have the patience to find a block and build one myself, although I have built a couple in my life. This time I had the money and really have always wanted a 383 Stroker motor, so I find a 450 HP motor ready to install and I buy it.

Honestly, this all seems pretty quick and easy thus far, but with work, travel, my “honey do” list, and life in general, it has taken about a year and half to get this far.  So, in comes another buddy, Tim, who throws down the double challenge.  

To be continued…


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